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Alfa Romeo 4C 1750 TBI

  • Built
  • Mileage
    7449 km
  • Price
    • Color
      Rosso competitione with black alcantara/ leather interior
    • Particulars
      Perfect condition, low mileage and a reasonable price

    Sales information

    We sometimes have the tendency not to look too much at a possible profit margin on a car, but pure purchases because we are really car enthusiast and a car can be a “must have”. The Alfa Romeo 4C was for us  such a car from the day it was released. Just because the concept of a light rear-wheel drive car and made of beautiful aluminum and carbon fiber appeal to us. In the case of this 4C we are talking about a monocoque of only 65 kg …! On this monocoque the also light weigth bodywork and the suspension and the engine are fitted. You can compare it how a racing car is built.  All beautiful constructions that makes the technician mouth watering. But it should then be combined with unrivaled styling. And that job was done in a very good way by the Centro Stile Alfa Romeo. A future classic among the other classics and youngtimers, beautiful right?

    The styling is important but so is the driving.  Please take a look at the internet. You will notice that a lot of car journalists have already made an extensive test of the Italian car, and of course we had to experience that too. It is just very special to drive in such a compact, fast and light car. The sound of the air inlet and turbo is like music to the ears. Alfa did not fit a steering servo and that is the what can happen to a real drivers like this. Very communicative, not too heavy, even at parking speed, and totally different from 99.9% of the other cars. Perfect 4 pistons Brembo calipers 975  kg of weight like if a ship is throwing an achor. The symphony of mechanical sounds penetrates the cockpit, but as a car enthusiast it is never annoying. Actively driving and sounds like these below to eachother. Operating the 6 speed gearbox manuel , or through the automatic gearbox, is both great to experience and you can not get enough of winding roads. Actually driving in the 4C is a great adventure that every time is experienced as something special. An adventure in which no large suitcases can be stowe away in the trunk, because the luggage compartment in the back is just enough for two weekend bags. Who cares? We have in any case never met anyone who is sitting on a chair to admire the big trunk of his car. But someone who has a 4C in his garage, has driving fun, something special, is gettings warm of the Italian styling, and just simply wants to enjoy one of the most talked-about cars of the last years .

    This Alfa Romeo 4C, officially with the addition 1750 TBI, was delivered on July 9th. in Germany and registered in the Netherlands on September 6th., 2018. There is only 7449 km on the digital counter and the car is equipped with air conditioning, parking sensors, a black roof, black  wheels and door mirrors and the most beautiful red color you can think of, called Rosso Competitione.

    Below is an informative video to discover how dream cars are made … We are looking forward to welcome you if your dream has to be realized.


    Technical information

    4 cylinder 16V DOHC turbo
    direct injection system
    Cilinder capacity
    1742 cc.
    240 bhp. at 6000 rpm
    350 Nm. at 4000 rpm
    258 km/h 0-100 km/h: 4.5 sec.
    895 kg.
    6 speed, sequentiël automatic

    Options & accessories

    metallic paint Rosso Competitione

    parking distance control

    black wheels

    black rooftop

    black mirrors


    Alfa Romeo brings a piece of history to life with the 4C. The study model that had its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 was inspired by the 33 Stradale from 1967.

    However, the 33 Stradale was only meant to race. It is a frightening machine, but Alfa does not just make the comparison to listen to the history of the brand, it is really relevant. Only eighteen were built, and although his 2.0-liter V8 produced only 227 hp, its weight was only 700 kilos.  The motto of the 4C – la bellezza necessaria or ‘the necessary beauty’ – could come from the lightweight 33 Stradale, with its rear wheel drive and powerful engine. Alfa could not come any closer to the past. It is quite a feat to recreate a car of 46 years old and still serve the current requirements of the European government. This 1.75 liter engine does that and emits only 157 g / km of CO2 and consumes on average only one liter of petrol per 14.7 km. The 4C has only half of the cylinders of the old Stradale. So it is a kind of compromise with the present, but we can accept that very well….

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