Alfa Romeo GTV 6 2.5, 81.752 km

81752 km
Opale metallic with beige cloth interior (Beige Sable Rayé)
Only two owners, perfectly unrestored condition, full history known.

Alfa Romeo GTV 6 2.5, 81.752 km

Essentially a coupé version of the Alfetta, the GTV6 retained the four-seat layout and Giugiaro styling of its saloon sibling, but also brought a sonorous six-cylinder engine to the table.
The in 1981 revealed GTV6 had all the ingredients of a true Italian sports car – penned by Giugiaro, voiced by a V6, and driven by the dandified. But there was one thing which separated it from its compatriots: it could carry not two, but four occupants in leather-trimmed comfort. In addition, there was ample space for luggage.
The interior was more like a luxury saloon than a sports car in terms of its ambience. Thanks to the large glass area, it had a light and airy atmosphere; however, the car retained its purposeful squat, often lost when rooflines are raised in the transition from drawing board to forecourt.

Shielded beneath the bonnet of the GTV was a choice between two classic Alfa engines: the 2.0-litre 4-cylinder twin-cam from the Giulietta or an all-aluminium 2.5-litre V6 engine, with 131 and 160HP respectively. By far the preferred option was the GTV6, which housed what was widely regarded as the ‘best-sounding V6’ on the market at the time. Despite being borrowed from the Alfa 6 saloon, the powerplant really found its home in the GTV6, no doubt due to the Bosch fuel injection which replaced the previously-used carburettors.

The creamy V6 and striking coachwork masked an unusual transaxle layout – the GTV and its four-door Alfetta sibling were among the rare cars that use such a set-up, despite the motor and driven wheels being at opposite ends of the car. This quirk established an unconventional way of separating the wheat from the chaff; an unfamiliar pilot would soon draw a crunch from the gearbox which would only be drowned out by the laughter of onlookers. Only those who knew the car were aware that second gear had to be engaged before first – the GTV was a car that needed to be conquered, in the character of a true Italian sports car.




Sometimes a purchase of a classic car is a very long process. Often this is because of the emotional bond that the owner has with his or her car. So also with this beautiful Alfa Romeo GTV 6. Just over a year ago we knew already about this very impressive German car. Unfortunately, the purchase did not succeed and therefore the owner decided not to sell the car and storage it beside his other Alfa’s. Just when we had plans to contact him again recently, he sent us an email. ”If we were still interested to buy the car ? Yes sir, we certainly are!

We are always looking for very orignal GTVs, but …. they are very hard to find these days. In fact, we do not mean the ”hobby restored” copies, but the original ones with a proven low mileage and. Than…there are not many left. However, it is a hard challenge but the satisfaction is even more when the right one is found. And we have!

The story about this GTV6 started when Mrs Dr.Ursula Gerhard from Stuttgart purchased this beautiful Coupe at her Alfa Romeo dealer where the car was registered on March 5th 1985. Her choice of the chic color Opale metallic with beige, Sable Rayé called, fabric interior was a tasteful combination. The owner has been taken care of the extensive documentation and all invoices of the professionally done maintenance are present. She owned the Alfa until 1992 when it went over to the man from whom we were able to buy the car recently. He continued the loving treatment of the coupe which is also fully documented of course. The dedication of the two owners resulted after 32 years in a great Italian classic with only 81752 km, a smoothly running V6 engine and perfect shifting gearbox, a tight and not wellded (!) body, nice paint and a like new interior. Maybe needless to say but the car is driving awesome! Take also a good look at the unused spare wheel, the original tool kit and the unused spare keys complete with number label. All are rare items that shows we really have a special car.

In short, this GTV 6 is in a georgeous and extremely good condition that combines its fantastic looks with great driving skills, a known history and a wonderful value-for-money future. Do you want to drive this GTV 6  to that future?




Technical information

Bosch L-Jetronic injectionsystem
Cilinder capacity:
2499 cc
160 bhp at 5700 rpm
220 Nm.
205 km/h
1225 kg
5 speed, manual, transaxle

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