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Alfa Romeo SZ

  • Built
  • Mileage
    55902 km
  • Price
  • VIN Number
  • Color
    Rosso Alfa (130) with crème leather interior
  • Particulars
    Original Dutch delivery, perfect condition, all documents present

Sales information

Sometimes certain cars continue to haunt you. And in the case of this Alfa Romeo SZ we are of course very happy with that. We have had the pleasure of selling this SZ before in fact to the owner who, after having fully enjoyed it for 7 years, has asked us to find a new enthusiast for it. And we can not wait to do that, because the SZ is high on our list of rare, low production numbers, easy to drive, relatively affordable, easy to maintain and very real driver’s cars.

On June 23, 1992, the beautiful SZ with production number 972 (from 1990 to 1993 only 1036 units were built) was delivered in the Netherlands. In total, only 25 copies are allocated to the Netherlands. The first owner was a very real Alfiste because she traded in her other SZ. One lady is busy with handbags and shoes, and the other with Alfa’s. Our preference may be clear …

We sold the car to the current owner on 30 June 2012, and among the documents we came across was the advertisement too, showing the following text: “this is a stable in value and a pur sang sportscar. It speaks for itself that such a real car like this one, comes with all the factory-supplied booklets and the tailor-made cover ” And the same text still applies, on the understanding that we must admit that the car has actually become even more beautiful since then. “Why more beautiful?” we hear you think. Well, because of this: the owner is a real fan of the Milanese brand and knew that he had bought something special. And you have to take care for something special like an SZ. And the owner took that very literally. All maintenance was done professionally and carefully by a specialist and of course all invoices are present. The exhaust system had to be replaced in 2014 and a tailor-made stainless steel exhaust with a double end pipe was installed. Something that should have been delivered from the factory instead of a single exhaust pipe that does not do justice to the potential of the 222 bhp 3.0 V6 engine. The fitting of a Squadra chip increased the power from 210 till now 222 bhp.

It is known that the fiberglass body of a SZ is not really tight and and the paintwork could be better too. And that also bothered the owner. And since there are very good professionals in the Netherlands who know how such a specialist job should be brought to a perfect end, the car was provided with a new paint in July 2014. With such a stunningly beautiful result that the SZ is a lot more beautiful than when it left the factory. It goes without saying that the extensive file also reported on this with photos and invoices. The paintwork is still in new condition and that also applies to the beautiful cream-colored leather interior. There is really no trace of use. Fantastic to see.

The current mileage is only 55.902 km. and with our four decades of Alfa Romeo we can assure you that this is an SZ of the highest quality. An SZ for an enthusiast who wants to take care of his beautiful property with passion and who wants to optimally enjoy an iconic and very special Alfa Romeo.

Technical information

Bosch Motronic ML4.1 injection system
Cilinder capacity
2959 cc.
222 bhp. at 6250 rpm. (orig 210 bhp)
276 Nm. at 4000 rpm. (orig 258 Nm)
245 km/h
Accelleratie 0-100 km / h
6.8 sec.
1280 kg.
5 speed, manual, transaxle

Options & accessories

-All original works booklets and documents, carcover, leather maps , Heritage Certificate, spare wheel cover

-Squadra chip, now 222 bhp. Original chip comes with car.

-handmade stainless steel exhaust system with double end pipe




Alfa Romeo introduced a very special car based on the 75: they called it the SZ. The model, whose project name is ES30, which stands for Experimental Sportscar 3000, is based on the 75 America. The SZ (Sprint Zagato) uses its 3.0 V6 boosted to 210 hp, and is equipped with a catalytic converter and can reach a top speed of 245 km / h. The platform of the 75 has been shortened for the occasion and the wheel suspension has been developed and tested by Alfa’s racing department Alfa Corse on the 75 Turbo Evoluzione Group A that won the GT World Championship in 1988. What is special about this is that all rubber pivot points have been replaced by play-free and precisely adjustable Uniball bearings.

Although the name Zagato is mentioned, the design of Alfa’s own Centro Stile is in collaboration with Robert Opron (the designer of the Citroën SM, among others). The model proposed by Zagato was rejected by the management. The SZ is being built at Zagato. The SZ does not have a real trunk; instead, it has a cover behind which the spare wheel is located. The body is made of polyester. Due to its shocking appearance, the SZ is soon nicknamed “Il Mostro” (the Monster).

All copies are sold out in no time and the Netherlands receives 25. A total of 1.036 SZs are being built up to and including 1991, of which 38 are prototypes.

An open version of the SZ is offered in 1992 and 1993: the Roadster Zagato, or RZ. This was designed by Zagato himself. Instead of the planned 350, only 278 RZs are produced.

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