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Aston Martin Lagonda

  • Built
  • Mileage
    43600 km
  • Price
    • Color
      black with white leather interior
    • Particulars
      21 year in supercar collection of last owner, very good condition

    Sales information

    There is a lot to write about the fact in what way we like an Aston Martin Lagonda. But like many other cars, there are also people who find it ugly … those people should have a carefully look at the beautiful and extreme shape of the car. It is a very unusual and rare car that is for sure. In fact it is so special that it was a real collector car and will always remain.  Additional is the fact there are only 645 pieces built.

    Yet it’s exclusivity and the more than 21 years of ownership it is time to hand over the keys to a new owner. This Lagonda is one of the last cars from a real supercar collection.

    Built in 1984 and purchased in 1994 by the current owner, the Dutch registrated Aston is still in a very nice and original condition. Technically the car was recently inspected by an experienced  Aston Martin mechanic.  The car drives and runs very good and is ready for a new life in the collection of a Aston Martin Lagonda enthusiast.



    Technical information

    V-8 DOHC
    Cilinder capacity
    5340 cc.
    300 bhp at 5000 rpm.
    448 Nm.
    2097 kg.


    Aston Martin was facing financial pressure in the mid-1970s and needed something to bring in some much-needed funds. Traditionally, Aston Martin had worked on 2+2 sports cars, but the Lagonda was a four-door saloon. As soon as it was introduced, it drew in hundreds of deposits from potential customers, helping Aston Martin’s cash reserves. The 1976 wedge-shaped styling contrasted sharply with other cars of its day
    The car was designed by William Towns in an extreme interpretation of the classic 1970s “folded paper” style. It was as unconventional a design then as it is now. Car enthusiasts are fiercely divided on the car’s aesthetic value. The Lagonda combined striking styling with opulent, club-like leather interior, and then-state-of-the-art instrumentation.
    Throughout the history of the marque, these hand-built Lagondas were amongst the most expensive saloons in the world. The only other “production” cars to approach its lofty price tag were the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Silver Spur and Bentley Mulsanne.
    The Lagonda was the first production car in the world to use computer management and a digital instrument panel,. The development cost for the electronics alone on the Lagonda came to four times as much as the budget for the whole car.

    The till 1989 hand-built Lagonda saloons are these days classified as a good investment, starting at a very favorable price.
    Widely overlooked in the recent times, there is no doubt about the fact that the beautiful Lagonda is now becoming more and more desirable, both for enthusiasts and collectors.

    Graceful, timeless and still nice prices: it is definitely the time to buy this iconic ‘statement’ on wheels.


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