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Jensen Interceptor Mk III Coupe

  • Built
  • Mileage
    91713 km
  • Price
    • Particulars
      Original Dutch car, only three owners (second 34 years ownership), perfect condition

    Sales information

    A Jensen Interceptor is in itself a very unique car, but even more when it is an original Dutch car with only 3 owners. Then the heart beat of the true enthusiast for this beautiful English goes a lot faster.

    This Interceptor Mk III was delivered to the first owner on November 28th. 1974 by the Dutch Jensen dealer Smelt. The second owner (a real enthusiast with several English cars in his collection) bought it on March 14th. 1979 at a mileage of 30.000, until after 34 years (!), on January 4th. 2013 the current owner expand his collection with the beautiful Coupe. The mileage was 90.500 km. So it is very unique that the complete history from day one known. It is clear that it is a matching numbers car with a current mileage of 91.713 km.

    The Jensen was always perfectly maintained and shows it from angly angle. It will be difficult to find a same one of the same quality. In recent years, quite a few things have been done to keep the car at a high quality level. For example, outside the regular maintenance, the interior was perfected, the gearbox was overhauled, the water pump replaced, an oil cooler fitted, leaf springs replaced, brake hoses replaced, the radiator replaced and the air conditioning was repaired including renew of the airco compressor. The paint was also in need of freshening up and that was done by a real professional who in 2014 completely renovated the beautiful green paint.

    Obviously, the invoices of the work that has been done comes with the car. As well as the further history, correspondence, photographs, brochures etc. Because of the change of the current collection to more pre war cars, the owner is looking for a good home for this English iconic car. A real enthusiast does not have to do any work. Everything is absolutely fine. He only needs to step in, drive and enjoy a great and unique car.

    Technical information

    V8 Chrysler
    four barrel Edelbrock carburettor
    Cilinder capacity
    7212 cc.
    284 bhp. at 4600 rpm.
    209 km/h
    1814 kg.
    automatic, 3 speed


    In 1966 the introduction of the Jensen Interceptor took place. The steel bodywork was designed by the Italian design house Vignale.
    The Jensen Interceptor was fitted with power brakes and disks all round and a “Power-Lock” differential. The engines came from Chrysler Motor corporation. These powerful and very robust V8 engines were used in Facel Vega automobiles too. The Jensen Interceptor Mk I was fitted with a 6276 cc. V8.
    The Interceptor Mk II became available to the market in the year 1970. The Mk II was improved on several details: The dashboard was updated as was the interior, the front of the car was slightly restyled and vented disc brakes and alloy rims were introduced as standard equipment.
    The Interceptor Mk III followed in the year 1972. The Mk III was fitted with the largest and most powerful Chrysler V8 engine available; the 7.2 liter. This engine delivered a stunning 370 SAE bhp. The Interceptor Mk III SP model became a 390 SAE bhp. variant of this 7.2 liter V8 unit fitted with three double Weber carburettors.
    The Jensen Interceptor is a true drivers car, a comfortable yet sporty GT. In total 6667 Jensen Interceptors have been built between 1966 an 1976 including the SP, FF an convertible models. 3419 of them were Mk III Coupes as presented here.

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