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Lancia Appia Coupe Pininfarina

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    • Color
      Dark blue with grey rooftop, grey interior
    • Particulars
      Comes directly from Italy. Older restaoration, perfect condition and affordable exclusivity

    Sales information

    Coming directly from Italy, we can offer you a beautiful Lancia Appia Pininfarina Coupe. This particular and rare car was built in 1960 and is in exceptionally good condition. All components are showing the originality and are working properly. Everything shows an real car enthusiast has looked after it very well. Paintwork, chrome and technique, all are in a nice balance.

    It drives absolutely perfect; steering, braking, shifting etc. Every driven mile is a real joy.

    With the purchase of this Appia Coupe the new owner becomes part of the group of owners of  exclusive cars because we might say so with  a production number of only 973 pieces.

    Technical information

    V- 4
    Cilinder capacity
    1096 cc.
    53 bhp.
    86 Nm.
    143 km/h
    950 kg.
    4 -speed


    Pininfarina built a 2+2 coupé version between 1957 and 1963. Pininfarina’s first proposal, from the 1956 Turin Motor Show, was a rather bulky 4-seater coupé based on a 812.00 chassis and reminiscent of the Lancia Florida prototype, which Lancia’s management did not find satisfactory. Therefore Pininfarina set off to work on a second prototype, a 2+2 on one of the five more powerful 812.01 chassis, shown with Lancia’s blessing at the March 1957 Geneva Motor Show. Shortly after the Motor Show the car went into small series production, christened Appia Coupé. The Coupé was characterised by a wide grille, which previewed Pininfarina’s own Lancia Flaminia as well as the third series Appia berlina, by a V-shaped C-pillar parting the side window from the wrap-around rear window, and by a two-tone paint scheme. The tail lights were trapezoidal element inset in the rear fins. Bodies were steel, with a fibreglass boot lid.
    With the introduction of the third series Appia in 1959 the coupé was updated too, to a slightly stronger 54 engine. Third series coupés can be distinguished by the rear tail lights, grouped in a single unit making up the edge of the rear, more  vertical,tail fins. In the spring of 1960 the updated 60 HP engine was adopted. Later in the production run production was moved to Carrozzeria Viotti. Viotti-built cars were identical to Pininfarina’s, although late ones were based on a reinforced 812.04 chassis and had fibreglass instead of aluminium dashboards, and steel instead of fibreglass boot lids. Production amounted to 302 second series cars all built by Pininfarina, and some 785 third series cars made by Pininfarina and Viotti. 1,087 cars were built overall, from 1957 to 1963.

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