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Mini Cooper 1300 Innocenti

  • Built
  • Mileage
    17290 km
  • Price
    • Color
      Beige with black rooftop
    • Particulars
      Came just in from Italy, second owner car, perfectly restored.

    Sales information

    We love cars that belong to the icons of the automotive industry. Of course the Mini, and even more, the fast Cooper belongs to this select group of cars. It is very hard to find a original and perfect Cooper these days.
    Yet we succeeded to find this Mini Cooper 1300 Innocenti.

    Built in 1975 the car comes directly from Italy where recently the 2nd owner has completed a professional restoration. The dry Italian climate had caused the based car was very suitable to make something beautiful out of it.
    Hundreds of hours of craftsmanship, proved by many photos of all the work that was done, results in a really perfect car: original details, perfect panel fitting, neatly painted, super original interior … etc. etc. And the bottom naturally in the nice beige “old fashion’colour, wheel suspension coated and galvanized and technically fully up to date. What more do we want? Well, nice sunny weather would be fine … to drive the Cooper around and enjoying a large dose of nostalgia. Thinking back to that old Mini that you had before and regretfully had to sell because the running costs were to high, perhaps?

    Time for a second chance: we can qualify this Mini Cooper as one of best for sale at this moment. Do you see yourself already behind the wheel?


    Technical information

    4 cylinder inline engine
    2 x carburettor
    Cilinder capacity
    1275 cc
    76 bhp.
    740 kg.
    4 speed

    Options & accessories

    Moto Lita wooden steering wheel


    The Morris Mini was born in 1959 and still is, although much larger, among us. The Mini was designed by Sir Alec Issigonis (who also designed the Morris Minor for more than 10 years earlier) and is widely regarded as one of the most important milestones in automotive history.
    The Mini is a front-wheel-drive vehicle; that in itself was not so special, but the compact assembly of engine and gearbox and its transverse placement were unique in that time. The mini is a very small car with a length of 305 cm (eg VW Beetle is 100 cm. longer!), But the interior of the Mini gives enough space for four occupants thanks to the smart design. The car is equipped with a unique “Hydrolastic” shock absorption system in which the various fluid-filled shock absorbers are in communication with each other. In combination with the frame configuration, is a unique, go-kart-like, handling is obtained.

    In 1962, Morris was acquired by British Motor Company
    (BMC). The Morris Mini was called from that moment Austin Mini. From 1969 Mini became a separate brand within BMC.

    Based on the 2-door Mini John Cooper developed (racing car constructor of Formula 500, Formula 3 and Formula 1 cars and a friend of Sir Alec Issigonis) a sporty variant: the Mini Cooper.
    The Mini combined a lightweight compact car, exellent handling and a powerful engine. The result was a very competitive bomb on wheels; capable of winning rallies.
    The Mini Cooper has a great racing history. It began with the victory in the Tulip Rally with Pat Moss (sister of Stirling Moss) behind the wheel. Many successes followed with the absolute highlight being the victory in the Monte Carlo Rally with Paddy Hopkirk at the wheel of the “Works Mini”!
    The small, smart car was much quicker than many large, powerful sports cars.The successes of the Mini proved that the concept was very good. The result was that all manufacturers were copying the concept. All front-wheel-drive cars in our time have the same basic concept with transverse engine with the attached gearbox as the Mini.

    In Italy it was in the 1960-1970 because of high import duties, often too expensive to buy an imported car, so most Italians choose an Italian car. BMC England signed an agreement with Innocenti Milan and introduced in 1965 the Innocenti Mini 850. From 1971, the Mini Cooper was also built under license.

    The Italians were very enthusiastic about the “improved” and “luxury” Mini. The Innocenti was faster and more luxurious than the British Mini and are now in the USA, Canada and Europe very popular. For the Innocenti Mini Cooper 1300, it is already difficult to find spare parts. Prices are rising every year.

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