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Porsche 964 3.3 Turbo Coupe

  • Built
  • Mileage
    88850 km
  • Price
    €on request
  • VIN Number
  • Color
    Polar Silver over dark blue full leather interior
  • Particulars
    Matching numbers, unique options, perfect condition en well maintained

Sales information

We would like to introduce you to the car that was the ultimate dream car for many of us, and perhaps still is. Of which a poster hung above your bed and made an indelible impression as soon as you saw one in real life. A rare moment that has remained in your mind for so long that you probably still know exactly when you first saw it: the Porsche 911 Turbo. The benchmark in the world of supercars, the timeless model, in terms of driving and appearance incomparable with any other car, … and so we can continue. The fact is that the Porsche 911 Turbo is an iconic car in the world of true car enthusiasts.

Which type is the most beautiful Turbo version? Well … you have to decide that yourself. In any case, we think the 964 is already the finest and the most full of character Porsche and if you have the Turbo version of it, then that may be the best in our opinion. That is why we are very pleased to offer this great 964 Turbo 3.3 Coupe. The beautiful 964 was delivered by the famous Belgian Porsche dealer d’Ieteren on 30 April 1991. At that time, that day was a national bank holiday in the Netherlands (Queens birthday), but due to the delivery of something so beautiful, it was also a bit in Belgium…

In 2012, the car was sold to Germany and came in the possession of a mechanic of the Red Bull F1 team. Think we don’t have to explain that these guys are one of the best.. The last owner bought the car in 2015. The 964 Turbo was a great addition to his beautiful Porsche collection so far, but he has nevertheless decided to sell some and that the next owner may enjoy the highly cherished Coupe. All inspection reports, Belgian carfax and maintenance invoices are present, witch makes the low mileage of only 88.850 km. traceable.

It is important to know that this is a fully matching numbers car, so the numbers of gearbox, engine, etc., are exactly the same as the 964 left the factory in 1991. Of course, a Heritage Certificate issued by Porsche comes with the car. The beautiful and, apart from the repainted hood, original paint, makes the car look wonderfully fresh and timeless. This rare color, called Polar silver, was a Sonderwünsch (special option) and is a great combination with the, also Sonderwünsch, dark blue full leather interior. Things like air conditioning, electrical sunroof, Infinity stereo, 19-inch wheels, limited slip differential, electrically adjustable seats with heating and, a super-sounding sports exhaust completes the wish list.

Technical information

six cylinder boxer engine
Bosch injection system
Cilinder capacity
3299 cc.
320 bhp.
5 speed, manual

Options & accessories

Seat heating left and right

Limited slip differential

Electrical adjustable seats left and right

Fog lamps

Windschreen with green sunvisor

Electrical sunroof


Sport exhaust system

Infinity stereo surround system

19″ wheels

adjustable schock absorbers


The 911 Turbo (model 964) had a wider body with considerably wider wheel arches compared to the Carrera models. At the rear, the spoiler largely taken over from the Turbo 3.3 of the G model and two oval tailpipes emphasized the uniqueness of the car. If the boost pressure control valve of the exhaust gas turbo was open, the exhaust gas only came from the left end pipe.

The 964 Turbo was really a brutal car. A single large turbo, rear-wheel drive and a manual gearbox. And of course exclusive, because only 4017 copies were produced.

In the 1993 model year, he received a 3.6-liter engine with a power of 360 hp. One of the distinctive features of this version were the red calipers.

The 911 Turbo model 964 was, with the exception of a limited Cabriolet production series, only available as a Coupé.

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