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Porsche Boxster 3.4 S

  • Built
  • Mileage
    64454 km
  • Price
  • VIN Number
  • Color
    Seal Grey with blak full leather interior
  • Particulars
    Perfectly maintained, nice options, value for money

Sales information

Sometimes all luck comes together. After we sold at Interclassics Maastricht the previous Boxster 3.4 S, which we delivered to a Belgian collector who expanded his Porsche collection to 48 pieces .., we got on the way back home a phone call from a German colleague. He asked if the just came in 2007 3.4 S, with only 64454 km. on the clock, could a car for us. Because you always have to have your passport with you, we immediately crossed the border to view the car. Within minutes we saw that it was a very good and honest car and after having it inspected extensively the S was bought.

The results of the low mileage can be noticed everywhere. The beautiful Seal Grey paint (for many enthusiasts the most beautiful color), an equally similar full leather interior and many useful options including the beautiful 19 inch Sport Design wheels make the car extra attractive.

Naturally, the Boxster is fully maintained according to the book and various invoices and TÜV (like MOT) reports are also available.

More and more car enthusiasts come to the conclusion that the Boxster, and specifically the S versions as we always offer, is everyone’s friend and all-rounder. Really serious performance with almost 300 hp., excellent storage space in the trunk front and rear, easy handling and operation, a beautiful timeless design and of course the unsurpassed Porsche quality. According to many people this makes it a very attractive car, and therefore becomes increasingly popular. The difficulty is  to find the right one which is more than perfect. We just succeeded in that again! And you can benefit from this. We kindly invite you to experience this Porsche Boxster 3.4 S.

Technical information

6 cylinder boxer
Cilinder capacity
3387 cc
295 bhp. at 6250 rpm.
340 Nm. at 4450 rpm.
272 km/h
Accelleratie 0-100 km / h
5.4 sec.
1330 kg.
6 speed manual

Options & accessories

L23F: Seal Grey metallic

196: 80Ah battery

288: headlight washerslampsproeiers

342: seat heating

407: 19 inch Sport Design wheels

424: CD compartment

490: soundsystem ASK

534: alarm system 433 MHz

551: winddeflector

573: automatic airconditioning

584: luggage compartment on top of engine cover

601: Xenon lights

618: preparation for phone

635: parkassistent

674: vehicle tracking preparation

810: carpets

981: leather dashboard and door panels

983: leather seats




The Porsche Boxster is the sports car from Porsche that unlike the other models at the time were built, is equipped with a “mid-engine”, placed just behind the occupants and obviously has rear wheel drive.

The name “Boxster” is derived from the contraction of boxer (motor) and roadster. The Boxster is similar in styling based on the Porsche 550 from 1956. One of the styling element that has been taken from the 550 is the typical central mounted exhaust.A study model of the Boxster was presented in early 1993 at the auto show in Detroit. The first generation of the car came in August 1996 in the market. This model wanted Porsche to return to the 911 tradition (6-cylinder boxer engine, rear wheel drive and a lot of horsepower under the hood), after a lot of criticism was leveled at the non boxer models with front engine (Porsche 928, Porsche 924, Porsche 944 Porsche 968 and later) that are not “real” Porsche would be. The Boxster has proved an unexpected success and sales also surpassed the wildest expectations.

The car we offer now is the latest version with a mighty 295 bhp 3.4 litr engine.

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