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Shelby Cobra 427 MkIII Superformance

  • Built
  • Mileage
    5350 miles
  • Price
    • Color
      Blue metallic with black leather interior
    • Particulars
      Absolute concours condition! 1 of the 2 ordered by Carroll Shelby at Superformance built cars

    Sales information

    This is a special Shelby Cobra 427 made by Superformance. Lets start with the registration. The car is actually registered as a Ford Shelby Cobra from year1965. The story behind this car is that Carrol Shelby had built in Mexico some replicas of his own design, called Continuatian Cars. He was not satisfied with the quality and asked the owner of the Superformance factory if they could build a Continuation Cobra. Of course they could. The first two cars, however, could not bear Carrol Shelby’s approval because he wanted more differences to the Superformance Cobra’s.  He was very satisfied about the looks and quality, but wanted some changes.

    The car we are offering now is one of  the two built at Superformance and ordered by Shelby. This Cobra has therefore a different chassis number compared to other Superformance cars.

    This Cobra 427 was registered in the Netherlands in 2009 and since then in the possession of the current owner. He brought the car to a true concours condition with incredible precision and knowledge. The photos gives a good idea of ​​the quality and workmanship. Every detail shows clearly the love for this car and his professional approach.

    This Cobra is definitely not comparable to the cars offered in general. Every Cobra expert will confirm that in second. It is not only the technical specification, but also the overall quality which is at the highest possible level. The list below gives a good idea why this car is more than any other.

    Good to know is that these days it is nearly impossible due to the new registration law to get a car with this specification approved and to provide for an oldtimer registration.

    If a Cobra is your dream car and you only want the best. Then we would be more than happy to tell and show you more about this Cobra.

    Differences between a ‘standard’ Superformance Cobra and this car and work what has been done:

    -The Motor was completely renovated in 2013. It is a Ford V8 with a capacity of 427ci (= 7 liter) which has been specifically built for a Cobra and creates an incredable torque in the lower speed range. You can use this car for nice touring around 1500  rpm and pushing the throttle up to 6000 rpm. gives an astonishing acceleration. To give an idea: the costs of only this Ford 427 engine with EFI are around $ 20,000. For the technicians:  to obtain as little as possible resistance for instance the the hydraulic roller tappets are fitted with bearings.

    -The EFI on this engine, has a lot of advantages over a carburetor which are fitted on most of the cars. For instance a better control, quicker start and is more economical. The EFI also controls the timing. It is so much better and more precise than the standard timing. Recall that a carburetor costs about $ 300 and EFI about $ 2500. This EFI looks like a carburetor and most people do not notice it until we tell them.

    -gearbox entirely overhauled in 2013

    -new engine mounts with polyurethane instead of weak rubber

    -new clutch (Centerforce Dual Friction)

    -new hydraulic clutch control

    -schockabsorbers renewed in 2010. E​specially made for this car by specialist Wilbers (costs € 2000, =)

    -the gearbox was fitted with a modified shifter. Shifting is now more precise, (especially from 2 to 3) and has a slightly shorter stroke.

    -top shock mounts rear wheels were renewed (modification of Superformance).

    -the default Dura Park inflammation is replaced with a Crane Fireball plus LX92 coil. This is better than the MSD 6AL that is used by many.

    a new starter motor of the so called reduction type. The engine turns now much faster and starts therefore quicker. The wiring (now 50 mm2) from the battery to the starter motor was also replaced.

    -the brake pads were replaced by type BP20 Willwood. These pads brake better and give less brake dust.

    -unique special paint Cobra logo on the inner side of the hood

    -genuine signature of Carroll Shelby on dashboard

    -“Shelby” labeled valve cover

    -Transparent so unobtrusive 3M film on the front of the car and rear fenders to prevent stone chips.

    -central main power switch, plus an additional switch for the ignition.

    -For extra safety and in a very unobtrusive manner, a third brake light was built into the license plate light unit. Also the holders on the inside of the rear lights were modified to make the brake lights more visible

    a navigation system was fitted in an unobtrusive way with a special bracket.

    -Other kind of lamps in the headlights for more light output.

    -the Superformance has a standard selenoid (type relay) on the bulkhead for the starter motor and some other consumers. At this car the selenoid is removed and the electricity modified which gives less chance of interference and it looks much better.

    -at the bottomside, under the driver’s and the passenger seat, custom made stainless steel plates were fitted. It looks beautifully and offers protection.

    – For a better visibility the rearview mirror on the dashboard is slightly modified.

    -grid against stone chips to the radiator and oil cooler

    -the engines of both cooling fans are finished with a chrome cap.

    -a thicker and stiffer antiroll bar at the rear wheels to enhance handling capability.

    -in the engine compartment all unnecessary cables are neatly tucked away with a very nice result.

    -the Cobra is very well documented: original manual, parts manual, wiring diagrams, many bills, unique database of hundreds of articles specifically for this car (especially technical, such as list of replacement parts, upgrades, etc.). All comes with the car.

    -the driver’s seat is adjustable. For longer drivers (> 1.95 m), this can be extra adjusted.

    Comes also with the car:

    -special lead hammer for the wheel spinners

    -Black “three windowmohair soft top complete with side windows

    -Black mohair tonneau cover


    Technical information

    EFI Injectionsystem
    Cilinder capacity
    6995 cc.
    480 bhp.
    800 Nm.
    >240 km/h
    1120 kg.
    Tremac 5-speed with sportshift

    Options & accessories

    See list at the sales information


    Develop a sports car that Ferrari would let bite into the dust:  that is what Carroll Shelby wanted. And he succeeded: in 1965 he managed to do a sprint to 100 km/h with his Cobra 427  in less than 4 seconds …

    Carroll Shelby was a Texan racing driver and winner of Le Mans. In 1960 he suffered despite the fact that he was only 27, with heart problems and he decided no more races to drive. Carroll Shelby did not like Enzo Ferrari and thought he was a arrogant man who needs a lesson. Carroll wanted to build a car that wiped the floor with dominated Ferrari’s. His idea to accomplish this was simple but brilliant: a big, strong American V8 engine in a lightweight, European car. Those big engines he could get at the Ford Motor Company, a light chassis he bought at AC Cars. They had a nice AC Ace. A car that looked charming, full of possibilities, but only a “small” two-liter in the front

    Cobra 260 Mark I

    In January 1962 the first prototype was ready: Cobra 260 It was in fact no more than an AC Ace with a 4.2-liter Ford V8 under the hood and some adjustments. The enormous torque from the V8 showed clearly there was a lot of potential in the car. Including the prototype, there were 75 260 Cobra built.

    Cobra 289 Mark I

    The main difference with the 260 is that it was a bigger engine: a 4.7-liter ( 289 cubic inches) Ford V-8. Of this car 51 were made.

    Cobra 289 Mark II

    It had the same engine as the Mark I, but received a number of technical improvements and some changes to the bodywork. This type was built from late 1962 until the summer of 1965: 528 cars were made.

    Cobra 427 Mark III

    In the spring of 1963 the success of the Cobra was under pressure. Some competitors came with ever more powerful cars to the track. Shelby had first tried to put a bigger engine in the Mark II, but the chassis was simply no match for the brute force that larger engine produced. In collaboration with the Ford factory in Detroit Shelby began diligently to design what would become the Mark III.

    The tubular chassis of the Mark III was a lot stronger, the body was wider, bigger wheel arches at the front and a bigger grille section for the air to the oversized radiator. The engine had a displacement of nearly seven liters (427 cubic inches) and produced 425 bhp. which brought the car to 240 km/h. There was also a even more tuned version with 485 bhp, making the Cobra achieving a top speed of exactly 262 km/h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h passed in less than 4 seconds. It would take years before others performed this.

    Production of the 427 began in January 1965.  Two unpainted bodys were sent to the company of Shelby in the United States, where they were finished. There was also a road version, with a modified Ford engine, which got more stroke but a smaller bore.

    How many cars exactly were made of this beastly version is unknown. It is sure that about three hundred chassis were shipped to Shelby’s factory.

    These days an original AC Cobra is priceless: not long ago a 427 from 1966 was sold for 5.5 million dollar. Replicas are of course a lot cheaper, but the differences in quality tremendously.  Cobra experts consider the car built by Superformance as the best money can buy, or as Carroll Shelby said:

    “There’s an exception when it comes to Jimmy Price and Lance Stander. Superformance International makes replica Cobras in South Africa and calls the two-seat roadster they build the MKIII. It’s not a true Shelby, but I’ve endorsed and licensed the car for being as close to correct and well-built as possible.”

    – Carroll Shelby (Octane, Oct. 2006)

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