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It is our job to know everything about the classic car market. More than three decades of experience in the middle and higher segment has resulted in the necessary knowledge making it possible for us to properly advise you. To be able to do so, we know the developments in the current market. But it is also important to have the vision of how a particular brand or model will develop in the future, so that we can properly advise you on the value of your (future) car.

We, Bloemendaal Classic & Sports cars, distinguish ourselves with the excellent service we offer. We would like to help you in your process of buying or selling that specific car. We have the knowledge and experience. We will give you honest advice, so you can be sure that your process of buying or selling with go smoothly. Not only do we have years of experience with many different classic cars, but we also have the necessary know-how of maintenance and repair, restoration and rally preparation.


We have a diverse number of carefully selected cars in stock. Cars that we have inspected thoroughly. What they have in common is that they are all very desirable classic cars or Young timer and that they have an excellent price/quality ratio.

We do not distinguish between selling from our own stock or consignment selling: every car must meet our high standards. Technically or optically we can bring cars to a higher level of perfection if necessary. It is only in this way that we can stand behind our product a 100% and that you can be perfectly satisfied with what you are selling or buying.


Are you considering investing in a classic car, but still unsure what brand or model would suit you best? In that case we will thoroughly discuss your expectations for a future car. We offer personal advice and our honest and well-funded opinion on – among others – the market, technics, user possibilities, price and quality.

A car should of course suit you. But for many enthusiasts it is also very important to be able to buy a classic car with a history and with originality. These are the most important features that determine the value of a true classic car.

Should you require a car for specific historic events such as the world famous Mille Miglia, what should you look for? Or when your car of choice is located abroad, how to take care of the import paperwork and what should you look out for in relation to taxes? How to determine the technical condition of the car and how to find out how it drives? Are restorations required and if so, what would the costs be? These are all questions we can help you with since it is our daily business.

Should we have a car in stock that meets your requirements, we can and will mention advantages and disadvantage of this car. You will receive the full picture enabling you to make a well-considered decision. Should we not have the classic car you desire, we will do our utmost best to find it through our network.

Consignment selling

Should you like to sell your classic car, one option is that we buy it from you. Another option would be to place your car in consignment. For you as the owner this generally means that you will receive a more favorable price for your car than you would, when selling it privately or through the usual car dealers.

For us there is no distinction between selling a classic car that we own and selling a classic that has been placed into consignment. We use the same publicity approach. You automatically benefit from our close relations with organizers of leading events and classic fairs in the Netherlands and abroad. Obviously all cars are posted on the same internet sites.

A third option is to trade your car for another classic. All concerns and risks are taken care of and the changes of selling your car are considerably higher than they would be when trying to sell your car privately. Are you considering saying goodbye to your classic car, do contact us and we will make you a good offer.

Discrete buying / selling

You would like to sell or buy an exclusive and/or even rare car, but you do not want any publicity? Bloemendaal Classic & Sportscars can offer you full discretion. We can search discreetly in our extensive network for an appropriate car or new owner. Similarly, we can act as an agent for buyers who would want to expand their private collection with anonymity but require expert guidance.

Cars for special events

In the last couple of years we see a significant increase of historic rallies. Every classic car enthusiast has heard of the Mille Miglia, Gran Premio Nuvolari, Tulip rally or Winter trial for example. Many consider participating in one of these rallies with a classic car as the ultimate goals. But how do you find the right car and in what way can and should this car be prepared? Or should it not be prepared at all? This is where our expertise can help as well.

Over more than 30 years of active auto sport experience has taught us the requirements a good car must meet to participate in the aforementioned events. Not only preparation, but also upgrading is common work for us. And not only can we give you appropriate advise, we can also help you with building a custom made car.



For many, a restoration is a costly and emotional event. It is often difficult to decide to whom you can entrust your classic car. With our extensive experience in restoration we try to give custom-made advice in which we prefer maintaining originality over renewing. Regularly we see poorly done restorations which cannot be undone, consequently losing a piece of classic car history. A good restoration is a ‘one-time-right’ and that means working closely with the best specialists.


Transporting classic cars is a true specialty, both in terms of value and the delicate nature of the cars. We can arrange the right professionals who can guarantee you a professional loading and unloading. They will make sure that your car is properly watched during transport and that the correct paperwork is taken care off.

We have close relations with carriers that are synonymous for professionalism and efficiency. Carriers that specialize in the full range shuttle service, international and cross border shipping. This ensures that your classic car is transported in the right way, to anywhere in the world.

Insurance and taxation

We would like to help in taking care of customized insurance: whether it’s a single classic or a large collection. We know the right insurance companies that make the difference. In the event of damage, it is not only important to be able to pick your own repairman, but also to make sure that the car is repaired in the correct and original way. And are you sure everything is covered when participating in a historic rally? Or with an international transport?

Inextricably linked to a good insurance is a valid taxation report. This legal document protects you from unwanted discussions about value and the condition of your classic car. This can have a major impact on the settlement in the event of damage and/or theft.


We believe that buying a classic car is not just a matter of paperwork, but should also mean a vouch for the technical condition of the car. We work with a few workshops, all very professional and with a lot of knowledge about the brand they are specialized in. This means that we indeed can vouch for the flawless technical condition of the car you have just purchased. All technical matters are settled in close consultation with the workshop.

To shed light on the history of the car as completely as possible, the new owner receives a comprehensive overview of all checks and technical repairs done.

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